Where do I begin? From the beginning I guess. I started as a singer & actor then became a professional mascot. Fred Bear, T. Wheedle, Coach Hawk, Cool Bird and Sammy sounder.  As a 21 year old I won the job of the Original Mariner Moose and got to hobnob with the likes of Ken Griffey Jr, MC hammer and Tom Hanks. In the late 90's I started an R&B singing Group called "Mystique". 

We had a record deal, recorded our album, had a record release party and then never heard from our producers again. The record biz term for that is, we got  "shelved".

I have lived all over this great region of ours. Magnolia, Tacoma, White Center, Bremerton, Renton and the list goes on. Shannon and I moved up to Bothell in 2007 because we wanted to be closer to my daughter who lived in Snohomish at the time.  I hadn't even met my neighbor yet and I came home one day and he was mowing my lawn. I immediately fell in love with this neighborhood and have called Bothell Home ever since. Adria eventually moved in with us and lived here until she got tired of the parental units hovering over her. She is now 24.  We live in Queensborough, with our best friend Michele and her daughter Kylee, My dog Romeo and her dog Copper, I just turned 50 in February and I have lived a spectacular life!

My journey has not been easy to this point but it has been amazing! When I was in first grade my dad kidnapped my brother and I. As you can imagine we had to move around a lot and there was a lot of physical and mental abuse over the next 7 years. My dad was in a drunk driving accident when I was 13 so I ran away and moved in with my Mom & Grandma. 

As a kid I went to 9 schools in 12 years. If I didn’t make friends quickly, I didn’t have any. So I became very outgoing and a little broken, which lead me to the life of a performer. I have been a singer, actor, MC and was a professional mascot for 10 years. I have worked in and managed restaurants & bars off and on since 1989. I even made it to the final 17 on season 1 of X factor. For 25 years I have had Cat Daddy entertainment, a moderately successful entertainment company where I MC & DJ special events all over the country. I also run adult sport leagues for the SJCC which has prepared me for pretty much ANYTHING "grown ups" can throw at me. My wife and I also have a very small painting business. 

In 2008 we lost everything… except our house... or our pups. But we fought hard, scratched and battled for 9 years to the point of almost giving up to keep our home. We finally got an offer we couldn’t refuse. So we plan on staying here for a long time!

I do not have any political experience per se, but in this day & age I feel like that is probably a good thing. I want to get involved with Bothell City council because I want to know how things work, how decisions are made and I want to be part of the team that helps to make Bothell as great as it can be. I have some great ideas but I need to get in there to see what is already in the works. My M.O. for restaurants, bars, sports leagues, committees, auctions or pretty much anything, is to come into a situation, see how it works and work with my teammates to make it better. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. We want to be able to live our best life and feel safe in our homes.

How can I help fellow Bothellions? Vote Tiger B for City Council